Kaydeon K. Moore

I Can Hear Pigeons On The Windowsill by Kaydeon K. Moore

Avery Tyler is a thinker, a dreamer, a writer. Like most creatives, he is burdened with a mundane job, one that he would rather have the luxury of escaping from. Avery uses his time at work well. Dreaming up microfictions, plays and theories. They float through his mind, releasing bold claims and conjuring fantastical realities for those around him. The ‘Madmen’ that surround his life, inside and out, seem well…a little crazy. But as he explains “If two people see a fairy appear, eat a starfish, and dive into the tile floor without so much as a splash, neither can accuse the other of lunacy.”

His brother Michael is a super genius, one of those dudes that has ‘total recall’. Michael has always felt “a bit off” and held onto a “Madness in it, that Avery never expected to understand”. Their close sibling rivalry is both fun and unnerving. They are equally immersed in the great search for truths in a world of misinformation. Their drug heightened explanations and observations read like modern day philosophers – sophistical banter laced with a great sense of humour, sharp wit and exceptional intelligence.

i-can-hear-pigeonsAvery is on a quest to find his centre and any insight that might give him easy access to answers. He is a cigarette paper away from peacefulness but he just doesn’t seem ready to accept it. Like Avery, some of us are having too good a time to sit on top of the mountain.

This story is filled with conversation. Avery and Michael’s ‘Tupac Is Alive’ theory is an epic labyrinth with all it’s magic number of coincidences filled with Tarantino-esque monologues, funny and entertaining. Many mind storms brew as friends try to ignore their senseless existence – same as Avery does, same as everybody else. “Like a current of rapids surging, the ideas were glimpsed, grasped, damned and forgotten. Deep shock often investigates an attenuated succession of non-linear reasoning; a fleeting, esoteric examination of the universal mirror.”

I Can Hear Pigeons At My Windowsill is books within books. Swirling Illuminati manipulation, ghosts, spiritual lineages, aliens, hypnagogic states, the Fates, telepathy, shape shifters. There is a garden of Forteana to explore, to validate your own conspiracy theories or play in your own altered states of consciousness. His search to sort through what is his own truth is a heroic journey, plodding through theories that shape our reality and manipulate our lives. Conspiracy theories are an exercise of the mind. You can take them seriously or not, bottom line they make you think and more often than not, they are at least half right. For the most part, I devour, sift and believe bits. If anything, you will find the most interesting facts because writers of theories tend to be thorough in their investigations, their asides are pure wonder.

Looking back on this work feels like I have consumed a library. It’s storyline is  meditative, reflective, funny and inspiring. I Can Hear Pigeons At My Windowsill was one of my favourite books that I read this year. Kaydean Moore is an author to search for.


Book Review

Max Frick

DEBASER by Max Frick

debaserThe mere suggestion of one of my favourite songs in a book title had me purchasing yet another Indie. Author Max Frick, is a wonderful storyteller. He has that gift of rich description, extravagant details, a hybrid – PG Wodehouse meets Irvine Welsh without the heavy locution. Though, Debaser is not without a certain lilt. It only takes a few pages and you immediately get a sense of the place, the humour and mood, the hearts of its inhabitants.

Debaser is a totally mashed murder mystery. It dives back and forth, digresses, selling moods, emulating the feelings of a mad mind about to lose its grip. Protagonist Tony Drake is an angst riddled and bitter spleen venter. He’s a ball of negative energy, charged for trouble and confrontation. Obsessed with music, his rants are classic. Add to the mix, his current mind altered madness, and you have a man spiraling out of control “brimming with the fury of the unjustly oppressed”.

‘Drako’ feels hard done by, his envy eats him up. The untalented rise of the mediocre and zed graders. The difference between those who merely want fame and those whose art is a natural extension of self. So when you are super drug addled like Tony Drake – “a day wasted is never a wasted day” – and his mates, things seem to simmer more, in their erratic smoke filled minds.

He has other well thought out characters, the mindless consumers and the perpetrators of envy – the media, advertisers and record executives. These characters reveal themselves to be leeches. What seem like caricatures suddenly become all too real. Knowing that fifteen minutes is there for the taking, those that hang, ride and encourage the delusional. Author Max Frick doesn’t hold back, he really gets stuck into these life maggots, the music industry and advertisers. There are many world evils talked about in his book, double standards, prejudice, freedom, hype and image, monuments to passing fads, the old familiar all taken over Starbucked and fucked.

There are many moments of beauty on the page, breaks in the space of a fast paced out of control life – reflection to stop the blood from boiling. This book is full of anarchy and disruptive personalities but is bloody funny in bits. Scenes which help lighten the chaos and mayhem that surrounds these boys self inflicted lives

‘KIDNAPPED! BEATEN! RAPED! KILLED! EATEN!’ Max Frick fills you in early with what to expect, but this synopsis is just a false sense of security. When you delve into the mayhem of Debaser. you will soon find out that there is so much more to this story.

old Mr Bitterman Max’s books Debaser  and  Old Mr Bitterman are available via http://maxfrick1970.wix.com/books#!books/cnec

Book Review Max Frick