Travis Luedke


Characters like these need alpha cities to backdrop their mayhem. The seedier the underbelly, the better these characters grow. In the crime chic world of Las Vegas, Michelle and Aaron hit the highrollers and cause the most beautiful gore, with a rip it to shreds story of addiction. In the second book in Luedke’s Nightlife (The Nightlife: New York being a hard act to follow) we hang in the shadows, with two of the most delicious creatures of the night, ever to grace the pages of erotica. Michelle and Aaron have a new toy. A beautiful abused soul locked in bloodlust – a thrilling, oozing menage a trois that leaves all players with nasty hangovers.

Cover: Travis LuedkeTravis continues with a metaphor of addiction, most can emphathise with the morning after hell, and no one feels it more than venom needing Ana. How quickly we forget the drawn out pain of it all, once recognised, ready to do it all again. Moderation people. This duo is so hard to resist and we are told this often throughout the book. Author Travis Luedke could tighten the strap a little here and decrease some repetitive ideas and repeated turns of phrase, but that is only a small distraction on the page, because when writer Leudke is in the zone his imagery gets stuck right behind your retinas.

The psychic connections between Ana and the delectable master and servant dynamic duo I adore. The interspersed French and their irreverent repartee, oh so frenchy, so chic. So onto the next instalment The Nightlife: Paris. My coeur noir is ready for it.

by Abbie Foxton


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