Clementine Von Radics

HOME by Clementine von Radics

“Everyone else isn’t you.
It turns out that’s a huge problem for me”

When Clementine falls in love it is an implosion. Love’s butterflies so sick they can only manage slow and infrequent wing rises,  flutter’s whisper as they lie unable to move in the pit of her stomach. She is obsessed with tattoos. I am vanilla, my stories are told via bruises, freckles and scars, but I understand and admire their beauty and meaning. She joins the dots.

Chomelementine knows her own shortcomings and freely shares them with a heartbreaking confidence. Her heroes, her myths materialised out of herself, popular culture, her environs… her home. She retells them with a wide eyed naivety, but with wisdom beyond her years.

I’m sure Clementine’s first words she ever cooed were poetic. She has that eye and wonder…she is brave. Crisis and magic will continue throughout her life and I will always be curious to see how her feelings progress, how she puts her days on the page and how you glimpse your younger self in her words… no internal barriers to mute her honesty, Von Radics is breathtaking.

Home, a book of poems by Clementine Von Radics is available through

Clementine is from Portland Oregon, you can connect with her via twitter @Clementinevr tumblr


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