DeathAbbie1It is with a heavy heart that I have to report the sad passing of one of my favourite zines.

Yes zinesters, DEATH IS DEAD.

I’m still reeling from the shock.

No more pithy nihilism,

brooding realism,

no more Gehrig, no more dread,

no more mini posters,

hand drawn mischief,

no more… black.

I dig out Issue II, caress its cover,

smell the stolen ink,

make slow finger outlines around the Lizardman.

A single warm tear drips as I peel the back from my free sticker pack.


Why DEATH? Everything was going so well.


image d

You can purchase existing DEATH zine stock online here:

They’re going to continue to create great zines.

Death has left the building.

You can follow them on instagram and twitter


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