Gilman Mom

gilmanThis ambient field project outta Berkeley was a surprise invitation to explore. At first I thought the overlay of bird noise would be better placed in spaces in between the beats, but side by side really works, the outside looks in and a reminder that whatever is going on inside ourselves, life goes on, the strings of nature our centring.

Coast Of Daylight has the birds cooking their own jazz, it scats with varied calls and immerses one inside the environs of Gilman Mom‘s summer. Title track The Revisionist is another soother, that plays with the day, each instrument another emotion, eclectic vicissitudes that hit the soul. Just perfect to while away an hour doing my thing on the other side of the world.

At times the layers get thicker, creative flow tries to take top position through wind and bird. Eucalyptus begins and wakes the temples. Double bass purrs and a dialogue dampened with memory explains one particular moment with a poetic refrain. The night begins its chant, frogs and crickets  “Streetlights would calm me down, when I had something weighing on me, I would take walks at night to clear my mind, I would be walking into the kind embrace of the mellow orange streetlights” This track intercepts a deep resonance of feeling, A Particularly Hopeless Night‘s dialogue inside guitar slides cocooned in night noise is a pleasure for ears.

Leona Heights beats with a heady saunter and skewiff samples of voices, it dwells somewhere else, bells toll and keys signal mood changes in an instant. The mind walks along with trepidation and menacing, one of my favourite spirits captured with its slight industrial cadence. So where have the birds gone? It’s been a big night and the early morning’s ethereal might of Kiss These Wounded Paws with its dreamlike laughter and light heart, is beautiful, conjuring that place just before waking, the crackling of fire a cleansing crunch for the ears. Throughout Cosmic Evening, the birds chatter a different song while we Listen To The Color Of Your Dream, the day goes on and it is peaceful here. Revisionist History has conjured for me a lasting pleasure, it had me feeling like I was walking side by side with the storyteller, capturing his feelings of the past by hooking into sounds revisited on his path, where he has been and where he is now.

Dominic told me it should feel like a warm hug of sunlight, with that surely at its core, it was and so much more.


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