No Time For Love

Chloë Sevigny zine


It started with Larry Clark’s 90’s jaw dropper Kid’s, twenty years later and she never grows up.  Her dark doe circles and uber cool fashion sense, Chloë Sevigny, has seen her life in the tabloids. The ultimate page 6 girl. Who’s who and who’s doing who to who. Chloë seems to wear New York Post gossip like a badge of honour, especially when it comes to her personal life. So here she swings it back. Such a cute zine, like it was put together on a floor on a rainy day, No Time For Love is a collection of photos of the men she has loved through her life and secrets and mishaps via newspaper clippings. Personal photos from photo booths to polaroids, friends clicked images at parties and clubs, kissed, sweating, blurred and natural. Stickers hide the identities of Chloë’s heart, No Time For Love published by Innen Zines it is now part of an impressive list of artzines to be released by graphic designer and publisher Aaron Fabian. Zine heads be warned, this is high end in price and probably more for fans of Chloë. One thing though, you definitely get a sense that this comes from authentic hands.

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