Mechanisms Of The Deep – Zine

image: Johnny Welch

image: Johnny Welch

Attracted to its black and white interior of mythology and dreams. Sydney film maker and photographer Johnny Welch has an interesting eye on life. I was lucky and thrilled to find it. Totally hidden under discounted astrology guides and comics in one of my favourite vinyl haunts. Mechanisms Of The Deep, found a home in my bag for a few weeks. Interesting thoughts live inside, four articles reveal what goes on in the unconscious mind. Let free, these ideas become vibrations that you can see. Conceptual nude photographs that stand out eerie and provocative. I get the sense that I am walking through a church or some private meditation. The rooms in which his model fills are empty. His mind illogical and irrational. His dreams infusing meaning. Stunning and dark images heal another cracked pysche. If you are lucky, limited edition prints or a hard copy of the zine might be found here.CNaz6bSUcAArGBk

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