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MC Sunflower Jones

Ain’t Misbehavin’ – A Billie Holiday Pocket Reader

by MC Sunflower Jones

These teeny zines thrill me. Such a neat fit, perfect for inside a dolls hands or fob pocket. I used to make zines like this, way back when I used to run with scissors. So its size I feel immediately taken with. Subject. Ain’t Misbehavin. Jazz siren, Billie Holiday gracing its cover. Big magnolia bursts like a bullet hole, black and white, pages stapled and unaligned so charming. You feel other things being done while this was made, it is relaxing to hold. A little bit of magic for the eyes to get lost in and the ears to remember the honey dripping. “Her haunting voice drifted through the small nightclub” Miss Holiday starts up, “Southern trees bear strange fruit” I can hear the protest, fear and tears. Dierdree Prudence & Steven Hughes Purkey popped this one out…

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