Magic Spells From The Cosmic Dragon

30 Poems by Akua Ananeh-Frempong

“Today is stay-in-bed-like-a-vegetable-day” says Akua Ananeh-Frempong. Uncanny cause that was my plan. A 24 hour personal love in. A day to sink my eyes in paper. To imagine nothing but what was conjured by what I read. Being in the recline, I needed something not too heavy in the hand. Zines are the perfect veg out day fodder. First to seduce me was this. Magic Spells From The Cosmic Dragon by Akua Ananeh-Frempong. A page here, a page there between stretching. The spell was cast. I read it while the light crawled the bedroom walls. Sneaking drifts, I would lift the glossy cover and stare at the psychedelic fire breath. A beauty with words, and a deep connection with nature and stories from her childhood, these poems are her mistakes and her triumphs. Poems of admiration and respect to her mother and then to the spirits of heritage she pops inside a modern life. dragonHer story unfolds. The early 80’s seem to have been a pivotal period. A time where she recognises her own spirit of adventure and fearlessness but also discovers how our fears begin. Akua has strength in her personality. I cannot imagine her being vulnerable, but capable of tears as hard as diamonds. Every scenario reveals how she copes, an honest dissolving. She chats about cats, partnerships, trees, nourishment, one night stands and enormous pudenda’s. Just delightful smile inducing subjects. When the mood changes, she shares some gut wrenchers. When families are dispossessed, when ones rights are taken, when there is no money, when the time for change arrives. Martin Appleby from Paper And Ink Literary Zine is no stranger when it comes to editing and publishing writers who have appeared in his own lit zine. Akua’s Poems, 2009 – 2015 is yet another impressive compilation he is supporting. You can read more of Akua’s words here. You can check out all things Paper And Ink Zine here

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