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People Make Plans by Nicole Jennelle

Her stomach is rough cut open. Paper flap reveals everything inside. Textures and a hidden message. A tiny envelope stuck to the inside opens, stark and to the point, not knowing exactly what it means, well, not yet.

People Make Plans deals with educator Nicole Jennelle’s experiences within education reform. The stomach is a fitting image for this zine because everything is churning, internalised deep within her gut. The main stories are dated and stamped with location. From New Bedford Massachusetts where Nicole grew up to Portland, Oregon and many cities in between. This is made clear via her ‘Moving Around The Country In Table Form’ with accompanying analysis “Rich people ruin everything cool”.

This is part diary, part personal manifesto. The grief from her mother’s death in 2008 consumes her. It is our first glimpse into her life, to understand some of the…

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