YAH! Rock Und Roll

Filthy Broke Recordings’ third anniversary release from

Bradford sound-meister Dean Cavanagh



Like the UK and the USA, Germany was very much a part of the late sixties mental awakening. Political art movements and a new sound collided forming a unique musical revolution. Enlightened youth born into their post war mess formed absolute brilliant bands, taking a new path, away from the more classical forms of music and folk entropy, the sickly hop of Schlager pop finally fizzling out. Foreign press conveniently labelled these bands under the moniker of Krautrock. A simple way to define the lineage, giving the impression that they all sounded the same. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The bands from this time were extremely varied, with influences forming strong, modern and unique sounds. From the beautiful mind of Florian Fricke, the mad anarchic hippies Amon Düül, the rip it to shreds clangs of Amon Düül II, the textural rhythm of Tangerine Dream and their mellow panning of sound across our skulls, the ambient electronica of Cluster, NEU! So much weird chemistry that just worked like CAN, Kraftwerk and my kings, Faust. For me, music from this era was much more intellectual than the sex god rock from other continents who seemed to use their instruments more as a substitute for their schlongs. These bands seemed more serious, theoretical and exploratory, audiences rubbing their chins more than they danced.
With Dean Cavanagh’s latest YAH! Rock Und Roll, one can’t help but feel the spirit of that great electronic birth. It is one of my favourite eras to delve into and what Cavanagh has done here is made a soundtrack to his discoveries and unique take on spilling sound into this ambient flow, a homage to the harmonia of its time. Take Dungeness Bank Holiday. It opens with a Liebezeit pounding, hypnotic monotony holds you, the repetition becomes comfort, a sweet mind control without chemicals. What’s so exciting about this is the experimentation, its hints of avant garde, jazz sensibilities, the way instruments become like a dialogue. Bopper reminds me of the great experimenters, everything is an instrument it’s just the way you use it. What sounds like a persistent door to door salesman with a chaotic finger never falters. I swear the whole thing could’ve melded without breaks. Here, these time old professional fades just felt like slaps to wake me from my trance. Each track is so freaking good, tempo trills to top up the high.

Like the brilliant Big Knee which breathes down your neck and goosesteps down your spine. Synth-licks purr into your ears, sticks beat you while a slick horn sends you into mind blowing ecstasy. There is no way I can get up after such a knee trembler but the bpm ignites your thighs with enough energy to groove again. They Died With Glitter On Their Brothel Creepers pneumatic pulse just wrecks me, its havoc a menace of beauty, our own electric current unified. Rumble In Berlin motors down the straße, Trabant muffler burns with a relentless and comic power. Gay Traitor with all its harmonics, reverb and sting becomes telepathic, while Frippant is a head candy of distortion. The perfectly titled Jonny Reeperbahn snares with a broody angst and divine finish to one of the most exciting soundscapes I’ve had the pleasure of stumbling upon.

Cavanagh’s experiment may jar some sensitive folk, but extinguish your molotov’s and remove the cloth from your ears and float. YAH! Rock Und Roll has an exciting spirit and nothing like the pap one is spoon fed daily via shopping centres and bad television. We relive in isolation, hopefully this is the start of the swing back, a trajectory to enliven movements, ignite the underground and bring it to the forefront again. Start listening.





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