Illuminated By The Light Of Dreams

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Foxes drifts me down into a sweet field of notes. I hear the spark that Farrell had in his turban daze and I’m instantly addicted. A laissez-faire feel, pure medicine after this long day, like a thousand fingertips are plinging my pores like a sitar.

This is The Transpersonals’ sixth album by looks of things, checking in on them via old interviews, vid’s and stalking. No spoon feeding these ears, I am a seeker and there is so much pleasure to be found when you do a little independent digging. This time, The Transpersonals are released by the tonally rich record label Filthy Broke outta Rhode Island. These guys are eclectic risk takers, nothing holds them back from releasing when they know they are onto something extraordinary and The Transpersonals are exactly that.

Best place to explore music is at work, what else should one do? Purely dues rewarded   when we are slaves to the man. My rebellion is subtle but keeps me groovin. Bored At Work heats the heart deep, a remedy and trigger for bigger dreams, complete transportation away from the mundane and insignificant to the sheer bliss of this. Drums become your pulse while guest breeze maker Sas Payne plays an imaginarium of flute inside a vibrato that shakes it up perfectly. Timothy Hurford’s vocal style and approach suits the myriad of changes, from falsetto to mid range he’s not afraid to do the tongue dance. His lyrics a freakout poetry going all Bolan at times but not like Star’s In Your Eyes verbatim, more in pure spirit, coming out the other side uniquely bubbled in his own style. The odd cadence here on Another Way is jazz for butterflies, a prog stomp on a hazy morning, a leap from a daffodil that just makes you smile.

At The Picnic is a good old swooner filled with purely beautiful chord changes that swoop to aurally unexpected mind crevices. I have a soft spot for short songs and next track Horticulture satisfies cranking a one minute interlude, not as hard and quick as say Husker Du’s Punch Drunk but a quick aperitif freak explanation for a song that lingers long through the swirls of psychedelic wallpaper.

I feel something chunkier happening, something wicked this way comes and the snare prepares me for the glimpse of the abyss. Lucifer never heard a sweeter sound to accompany himself. His new theme song more light, expecting it to turn ugly at any moment, instead, the dark one walks comfortably among us, flutes and harmonies as bright as our morning star.

The Dark Side Of Eve oozes with descending chords, Bowie standing at the bass in a Suede jacket, its album title line Illuminated By The Light Of Dreams we gladly scream. So impressed and only half way through, these guys have such a great feel from lyrics to sound it’s about enjoying the ride. Nathan Evans’ production on all these wayward minds works so well. Playing With Atoms has the band at their tightest and most interesting. Matty Bane’s percussion weaves and plays with keys challenging Hurford’s internal radio, it’s what ya want!

Intense LSD is an autobiography. I wanted it to go for hours and hours, motoring like a sloth behind the wheel of a convertible. Feels like a taster of trace memories pulled out of a mind pit, itchin’ for a blue stem or maybe a really strong cup of tea, trapped in a sonic coma and I didn’t wanna leave.

We open our eyes again and Hold On is our gentle awakening and into the fun time ahead. No More Beers’ meaty production, tight groove, shaman storytelling and undercurrent of the majestic cowbell is pure amber light. The Human Condition is a swirling plingfest of experimentation and way out endings. No psychedelic wig out is complete without a mention of the godfather of the counter culture revolution. Timothy Leary’s Not Dead is an epic sound montage layered freak out that is amazingly melodic.

What a trip!

Being one of the fortunate fifteen my limited edition copy came with a handstitched case, a total work of love.

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Get your copy of Illuminated By The Light Of Dreams here and spend some time exploring the rich vaults of Filthy Broke Recordings while you’re at it.

Check out The Transpersonals website and back catalogue here.

You can connect with The Transpersonals & Filthy Broke via Twitter





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