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Someone’s put something in the water up north. With an inbox bursting with new releases, new blogs and old books, I will need to pull my finger out and start organising my time, cause quite frankly, what I have seen and heard coming out these last couple of months out of the UK could do with a little support. They ain’t gonna get it with any full page weekend broadsheet advertisement, bus shelter or window display soon. In fact if you have a shop or business somewhere with a nice big window to share Underground book ads do it! Free space, just a small portion of clear glass for a poster, or maybe a Jenga bundle of literary beasties to woo inquisitive eyes. Local Cafe’s should do a quick round of table talkers, everyone has someone who has a book that could do with a little love and sharing.

So first out of the inbox is the news of the long awaited poetry release from the finest spit on the mike, urban philosopher, Miggy Angel. After spending a few years back with his release Grime Kerbstone Psalms, I, like many others, have been waiting patiently to hear more. Publishing honour’s for Miggy’s latest release has gone to the dream team over at Hi Vis Press. Specially selected for their care and patience, they have done a most amazing job taking Miggy’s work and forming it into one of the most dazzling limited editions I’ve ever put my peepers on. What I have had the pleasure of seeing inside Extreme Violets just aches me, at times having to stop reading because the words have a way of swallowing you whole. There is something sacred in this box and I cannot wait to crack the seal. Like me, you can pre-order your copy here


Of course my cup runneth over with news from the Joseph Ridgwell empire. As I currently hold the keys to the office of the Lost Elation, I’ve been getting 3am calls from the south of France with plenty of news of what is coming up next. The second half of 2018 is ready to explode with news of a new poetry collection Cosmic Gigantic Flywheel  getting ever so close to final stages, while also feeling a little buzz in the air making sure that the likes of his novel set downunder Last Days Of The Cross gets some well deserved attention in Australia. In the meantime you can find a copy through Ternary Editions.



51gEu9FcwwLMaster of the I Ching, extreme skater and head of the pack Michael Petalengro, has had a roller coaster year, well life really but that is for another book I’m sure. So after this latest ride that included a shattered leg, a podcast, creating the Southside Resistance Patreon page and copious cups of tea, Michael has merge two loves in his life – football and his percipience on the human condition in his latest book Viva Nuno: The Chinese Revolution at Wolverhampton Wanderers. Petalengro ploughs through the season with great humour, analysing the strategies, dreams, violence and everything and anything that lies between a bumper year at Wolves led by the Monarch of Molineux, Nuno Espírito Santo. Michael is indeed one of England’s best football writers. His intelligent and witty free form style covers so much more than the game. You don’t have to be a fan of the Wolves or English Football to enjoy and even though I get more of a kick outta his stories about finger banging blondes, I have to say that Nuno has finally swayed me temporarily from the genius of Songs From The Black Iron Prison. Get your copy here

DUYW4PBU8AAdqx4.jpg“One day” I thought “I’ll kill you, you bastard” I felt the hate in me so big he must see it. So onto the Black Country, a region of the West Midlands and a book that should not be ignored. Archie Hill was a writer from the Seventies. Born and raised during the Depression, Archie was known for his journalism and autobiographical novels. This one, Cage Of Shadows is about what one can achieve out of nothing. His chapters share a little spark into the resilience of those growing up in The Black Country during those times. A delicate descriptiveness that one wouldn’t expect from one so deprived and troubled. One gets a great insight into the factory floor days of child labor, non existent health and safety, and a generation almost removed. This book nourishes many facets for the reader, historically and creatively. Archie Hill has a unique way with honestly telling a story, from the grit and gore of daily life to the moments he finds the real beauty that is lost from his dirty fingertips. You can purchase Cage Of Shadows through Tangerine Press.

Submissions are now open for the only literary journal that I know that was accidentally named after a prostitute who gave an old rusty trombone to Hugh Grant. Divine Brown is co edited by Jacob Beanie inventor of the duck bath ashtray and toilet roll. They despise nuance and themes they felt would limit them. It’s going to be a bit of guess work and hey if you make the journal you pretty much have the accolades to be beautifully bound and letter pressed. Only rule is 101 or less which is a pretty broad brush when we are talking photography, poetry, shopping lists, overheard conversations, recipes. Get crackin’ if your into lucky dips. hickathriftpress@gmail.com


If you have any new releases, literary news, zines, music, submission news that you would like to be shared on Underground Lovers

submit via abbiefoxton@gmail.com


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