The Beach Poems Joseph Ridgwell


I’ve had the pleasure of time out of the office and with that comes the privilege to lay back, look at mountains, sit by rivers, down a bevy or two and get stuck into some reading. That is a magic feeling and though my current surroundings may have distracted me at times from what was on my reading list, there were a few that seemed just the right accompaniment. There is always something on hand to escape into. I’ve spent lovely cherished moments, sitting on a tree stump or a bench and slowly chipping away at the contents in my bag. If my cases could’ve handled it I would have brought more, but knowing what I’m like I needed a little room for anything I managed to pick up on the way.

There was one small tome I read out aloud on a Sunday stroll through Seattle’s Gas Work Park. In between brass bands practicing No Doubt songs, jousting knights with battered wooden swords and zen master chi moves, I stole some moments with writer Joseph Ridgwell. Following a call under the influence of peyote, a young Joe Ridgwell came to a turning point in his life, to become a Beach Poet. His plan, to write one hundred beach poems and call an end to his writing. Fortunately the peyote wore off and he came to his senses to keep us entertained with his life stories.

Thought to have been lost forever, his little book of blue resurfaced and caught the eye of Bottle Of Smoke Press. Joe has spent loads of his life with his toes deep in the soft, hot white grains of bliss. What I love about these is their succinct pleasure in the moment, a white hot centre when all is revealed in a rebellious haiku of mind graffiti. Beach poems are a perfect snuggle read, to drift in and out of his sage like meanderings. They have such a unabashed sharing of lightness. Thoughts and observations just roll out cause nothing else is happening, his music are the waves, the moon is paramount, though there are the occasional distractions of the feminine kind, this collection of poetry purrs ones motor into following in his footsteps, cause that is all one should leave behind on the beach.

There are two to choose from. You can go letterpress, digital print, paper wrapped or go the full Morocco, quarter bound hard cover.

You know the routine, limited edition so get in there!

IMG_1494 (2)


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